Golf Art: Eye of the Beholder
November 15, 2023

Golf Art: Eye of the Beholder

Welcome to the world of golf, where precision meets passion, and the fairways become canvases for artistic mastery. In this realm of swinging clubs and manicured greens, there are golf artists whose strokes extend beyond the scorecard, creating a symphony of skill, grace, and sheer brilliance. These individuals elevate the game to an art form, turning each round into a visual masterpiece. Join us as we explore the strokes of golf’s artistic virtuosos, whose unique flair transforms the golf course into a gallery of sporting expression.

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One of our favorite artists is our very own Drew Reinland. Drew was drawing before he could even walk, though as life leads to changes, he was doing less art, and teaching more golf as an adult. Then he started working with me and the art started flowing. He is the artist behind many of our golf headcovers and t-shirts in both Muni Kids and Reinland Golf Co. Be sure to check out all his art for sale on both our sites, but also check out his site Planet Goddamn Studio too, for many more paintings and prints.

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Linda Hartough: Renowned for her detailed and breathtaking golf course landscapes, Linda’s work has graced the walls of major golf tournaments and clubs worldwide. She is the only artist ever commissioned by the United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews to do the annual paintings and prints for the U.S. Open and British Open Championships.

Lee Wybranski: A master of golf championship posters and course illustrations, Wybranski’s distinctive style has become synonymous with major golf events. Lee works annually for the game’s governing bodies, creating classic, collectible work on behalf of The R&A, PGA of America, and the United States Golf Association. Lee’s original artwork hangs in the homes of Major Champions and some of the finest clubs in the game, and his posters hang in thousands of homes and offices around the world.

Graeme Baxter: Known as the “Official Artist to the Majors,” Baxter has captured the spirit of iconic golf tournaments and courses, earning him international acclaim. A golfer, along with being an artist, Graeme possesses a unique ability to historically record golf landscapes and portraits that capture his passion for the game.

David O’Keefe: With a knack for capturing the humor and personalities of golf legends, O’Keefe’s caricature-style portraits bring a playful dimension to the world of golf art. It is blend of caricature with color delivered in a truly unique pop art manner which makes you pause with recognition of the subject before the depiction attacks your funny bone.

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