Hole in One Club

August 30, 2023 1 Comment

Hole in One Club

Have you ever experienced the exhilaration of hitting a hole in one? If so, congratulations! You are now a member of an exclusive club that only a few golfers have the privilege of joining. We would love to hear all about your incredible achievement. Share the details with us in the comment box below and let us celebrate your success together!

1. What course?

Tell us the name of the golf course where you achieved this remarkable feat. Was it a local course or a renowned championship venue? Every course has its own unique charm, and we want to know where your magical moment took place.

2. Date?

When did you hit that perfect shot? Was it a sunny summer day or a crisp autumn morning? Sharing the date will help us imagine the beautiful surroundings and the atmosphere that accompanied your achievement.

3. Your age?

Age is just a number, but it adds an extra layer of inspiration to your story. Whether you were a young prodigy or a seasoned golfer, your age at the time of your hole in one is an interesting detail that we would love to know.

4. What hole and yardage?

Describe the hole where you achieved your hole in one. Was it a challenging par 3 or a long par 4? Let us know the yardage as well, so we can appreciate the skill and precision required to conquer that particular hole.

5. What club did you hit?

Share the club that you used to hit your hole in one. Was it a trusty iron, a reliable hybrid, or a powerful driver? Knowing the club adds to the excitement and helps us visualize the shot that led to your incredible achievement.

6. Who was with you?

Golf is often a social sport, and sharing special moments with friends or family makes them even more memorable. Let us know who was with you when you hit your hole in one. Were they fellow golfers, close friends, or maybe even your proud family members?

7. Was this your first hole in one? Tell us more!

If this was your first hole in one, we want to hear all about it! How did you feel when the ball found the bottom of the cup? Did you celebrate with excitement or disbelief? If you have multiple hole in ones, share your favorite story or the most challenging shot you've ever made.

Remember, you are now part of an elite group of golfers who have experienced the joy of a hole in one. Your achievement deserves to be celebrated, and we can't wait to hear your story. Share your details in the comment box below and let us applaud your incredible golfing accomplishment!

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Jeff Reinland
Jeff Reinland

September 14, 2023

My first ace came at Crystal Springs Golf Course in Pomeroy, WA when I was 15 years old. It came on Hole #5, a 206-yard straight downhill par 3. I hit a 6-iron off the tee straight at the hole. I knew it had a chance but really didn’t think it would go in as the green on the 5th at Pomeroy is virtually impossible to hold, and from the tee, you cannot see the green. As I approached the green I could not see my ball anywhere and actually looked for the ball everywhere but the hole. When I could not find my ball, I finally checked the hole and there it was; a Super All-Star 300 golf ball hit with a Ram 6-iron. The year was 1977 and the clubs I had back then were complete tour blade-type clubs, which is the way the game was meant to be played. To this date in 2023 I have hit two other aces, which I will describe at another time. Thank you Crystal Springs, Super All-Star 300 golf balls, and Ram Golf for the great memory.

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