Wet Sheep wool
February 12, 2022

Is wool waterproof? Let us tell you all about the amazing fabric called wool.

Next to "will your headcovers fit my 460cc driver" (and the answer is yes!) is, "are your headcovers waterproof?" I guess we need to talk wool here. A majority of the headcovers we offer that are wool are 100% wool. We love wool and there is a good reason for this. Wool is environmentally sustainable, fire-resistant, UV and stain resistant, long-lasting, and WATER RESISTANT.

Each year sheep grow a new fleece making wool a renewable resource. Wool is also biodegradable providing soil nutrients as it decomposes naturally. And as a natural product, wool requires less processing than man-made fibers.

Naturally flame-resistant, wool is harder to ignite than any other textile such as nylon, polyester, and cotton. The temperature needs to reach a searing 570-600°C before wool will ignite. With cotton, it’s less than half that. If wool does catch fire, it smolders and self-extinguishes, and crucially does not melt. Hopefully, your game is on fire, but not your headcover!

Wool’s waxy coating provides a protective outer layer which means spills and spots are not easily absorbed and are less likely to leave a stain. Wool is also ideal for sun protection with UV radiation being absorbed.


Consider wool products as an investment. They just keep giving. If well cared for, a wool headcover will last a lifetime. A wool fiber can bend an incredible 20,000 times before it breaks. As a comparison, cotton breaks at a rate of seven times faster. Naturally elastic, wool keeps its shape so your headcovers will continue to look good.

Lastly, and what we wanted to cover here is, there is a good reason fishermen of old chose to wear heavy-knitted jumpers when they headed out to sea. WATER-RESISTANT, WOOL REPELS MOISTURE DROPLETS. It can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. Only when saturated with 30% of its own weight will it feel wet to the touch.

So let us talk about the care of your headcover. When you are playing in a rainstorm out on the course (as Max and Drew do in Portland, OR), when you get home just lay out your headcovers so they can air-dry overnight and they should look good as new. Never put them in the dryer.