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My Top 5 Golf Shoes of All-Time

August 02, 2022

My Top 5 Golf Shoes of All-Time

Ever since I was a kid I have collected and been obsessed with golf shoes. I think it’s so cool that maybe for the first time ever golf shoes have become something others collect and value. There are so many pairs that I have ran into the ground or wish I’d have kept over the years! Today I am going to share my TOP 5 pairs of all time. Please feel free to share your top 5 in the comments after running through mine!



There’s something about a pair of Footjoy Classics that just takes you back in time. When I was a kid this one of my favorite shoes to wear during tournaments if I had to wear pants do to the dress code or if it was too cold to wear shorts. I never was much of a dress up guy but there was just something about an icy pair of wingtips that just screamed player! Not to mention the days of craftsmanship in golf shoes was unmatched in this era. The only complaint I ever had about these was that they were so heavy! The price you pay I guess too look good…

foot joy shoe



These only came out a couple of years back but a mixture of the Air Max 1 being my favorite sneaker of all time and the how nice these are to walk the links in makes these my go to golf shoes most of the time. I have both the red and blue pairs but the red definitely hit different for me. I think it’s probably my love for red numbers on the scorecard! If you come across a pair of these, I suggest you get them. You won’t be disappointed I can promise you that!

air max 1


I think the Nike TW ‘13 is one of those pairs that are either in your top 5 or you absolutely hate them. They stand out to so many people because they were the first ever pair in TW line that was more of a true athletic shoe than they were a golf shoe. They’re a great pair of golf shoes if you play mostly in shorts and kind of look hideous with golf pants. Performance wise though they are hard to beat… Not to mention Tiger won a boat load of tournaments in these bad boys!

Nike TW '13



The Jordan 4 is far and away my Jordan shoe. Maybe 8’s come in second for me but I will just have to keep hoping for the day we get see what they look like in a golf shoe silhouette. When they started releasing the 4’s in golf shoes last season I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit to buying every colorway… Hey I told you I love the 4’s! By no means is are the Bred’s my favorite in the regular sneaker but man do I love them in the golf shoes. This is my favorite colorway and golf shoe for fall golf. They look so good with the right pair of pants or rain gear.




The TW SP-8 are far and away my GOAT golf shoes. I’ve had six pairs of these in various colorways. Call me boring but like I said above… I’m a sucker for an all white golf shoe. The SP-8’s are in my opinion the perfect balance of class and modern tech all tied into one golf shoe. They look good with pants. They look good with shorts. Maybe one of the most comfortable to play and walk in. The kicker though is the reason they might be the best kept secret in all of golf... The slightly squared toes on them make them so easy to line up in! I bet you have not ever even considered that, but it’s a real thing. If you ever get a chance to get your hands on or your feet in these… We are not friends if you don’t!


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