Speckles Valuable Bag

Anyone that has purchased our Pepper has missed that headcover. It was one of our very favorites. We would like to introduce Pepper's sister, Speckles. This wool is amazing! This is a limited edition golf valuable bag, so grab it while you can! This is beautiful medium-weight wool from the UK that we are so excited about. It is a rainbow of colors, pink, red, blue, teal, yellow, orange, black, and grey. You will love this, and the quality is amazing. Can we say more? This Valuable Bag is the perfect accessory for your golf bag. Keep your jewelry, watch, or even loose change safe in your golf bag while you stroll the links!

- 100% Wool.

- Fleece Lined.

- Leather Cinch Cord.

- Dimensions: 8 in. x 6 in.

- Wood and Woven Label Options.

Speckles Valuable Bag