Balou Golf Bag Strap Cover


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We haven’t been this excited to introduce a new product in a long time! Digging back into the archives of our childhood memories, we kept talking about these old furry golf bag strap covers that you would throw onto your SINGLE STRAP SUNDAY BAGS back in the 80’s and 90’s and would give your bag a little more flavor with the functionality of added comfort and support on your shoulder. We haven’t seen a lot of these over the past 20 years so drawing inspiration from our nostalgia, we created an upgraded modern day version of our very own. Just slide your current bag strap through the middle and then connect the swivel hook to the same loop the top of your strap connects to and it will hold the golf bag strap in place and keep it from sliding on you.

- Wool

- Faux Fur Body

- Swivel Hook

- 25 Inch Length

- Made to Order

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