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Denali Oversized Shearling-Lined Putter Headcover


We cleaned out our storage and found this one putter headcover. Grab it or it will be gone!

Reinland Golf Co.'s shearling-lined putter covers are made with the same fine wool that is on all our products. Putter headcovers come with a layer of batting and the shearling adds an extra layer of protection for your putter. Reinland Golf Co. uses military-grade velcro for the closure. 

Our putter covers are all shaped like a standard/blade putter cover. Each size gets gradually larger.

The Oversized Cover is built to fit any putter. From the Taylormade Spider (the mini lives here too) to a center shafted Big Ben Bettinardi, if you're in question or your mallet is center shafted, Over-Sized is the go-to.

- 100% Wool.
- Batting layer for cushioned protection.
- Shearling Lined.
-Military Grade Velcro closure.

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Denali Oversized Shearling-Lined Putter Headcover